Dungeons and Dragons Overwiew

Everyone’s childhood dream was to start an adventure alongside trustworthy friends and companions. Fighting a dragon, looking for hidden treasures, saving people from perilous situations, these make up for only a small part of the world we imagined when we were little. Little do people know that all these dreams can become reality when you decide to venture into the world of Dungeons and Dragons! This Fantasy Role-Play Game is perhaps the most complex game of this type currently available on the market.

What is Dungeons and Dragons? A short answer would be, that it is one of the pioneers of Fantasy Role Play Games. The game is focused on multiple players’ collaboration aimed mainly at solving mysteries, finding treasure and defeating various types of enemies, everything neccesary to gain various rewards and experience points.

The game makes it’s appearance in 1974 being developed by two people passionate about this kind of fun: Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson . The pair wanted to create a game that not only had the opportunity to develop a simple adventure to enjoy alongside a group of people, but to develop into a true adventure story that may take place for a long time, all depending on the players’ imagination. After a long planning and extensively game design, the two have managed to get a game prototype, which was published by Tactical Studies Rules Inc in 1974. Since then, the game has enjoyed explosive growth and currently still enjoying a great success in communities of Fantasy Role Play fans, being called by many the father of this game genre. In 1977 , the game is divided into two distinct categories , in order to provide various degrees of difficulty for players. Thus, we currently have the standard Dungeons & Dragons game, with simple rules for those who want a taste of the game and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons with complex rules for those who want to develop an epic action-packed story.

Rules and Gameplay

1. The Dungeon Master

The purpose of this player is to create and narrate the story. Usually the one taking the Dungeon Master role, must have a vivid imagination and be subjected to game rules, lore and general knowledge.This player is handling the story, which allow him to create countless adventure scenarios in which other players’ heroes soar in search of glory. The books he uses are the “Dungeon Master Handbook” and “Monster Manual“.

2.The players

In order to have an epic adveneture, we need brave adventurers ready to face dangerous challenges! D & D players are always prepared for any confrontation, having by their side the “Player’s Handbook”. Any player has the opportunity to choose from a number of characters: Warrior, Paladin, Mage, Cleric, Warlord, Wizard or Warlock. Each class has unique powers and abilities that can be used to achieve the purpose of adventurers. Experienced players will take care to create balanced groups, to be able to face any challenge created by the Dungeon Master. Those who want to be creative and create hybrid classes have the opportunity to do this, but you have to be very careful because these classes are hard to build and master!

3.The game board and gameplay features

D&D setupD & D has an extremely flexible gaming board because, in most cases,  the previously purchased game boards have a modular design, making it possible to arrange several combinations of modules. Those who have modeling knowledge are able to further evolve the gaming experience, building their own board game. The primary trait of D & D is the Turn Based principle: each player can perform a set of actions per turn, and the effects of these actions are determined by dice. Unlike other games, D & D uses a variety of dices, instead of having just the classic dice with 6 faces, the game provides special multi-faced dices, offering greater complexity to the actions taken by the players.

Those who choose to enter this world, must be prepared for many adventures and opportunities to discover important treasures alongside friends. With the ability to provide hours of entertainment and boosting imagination, Dungeons and Dragons is a very dynamic and fun game, which we highly recommend, even now, after all these years sice it’s debut.

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